New!!! location business. Near the town, motorway and the route main line connection to AEC. Freedom and Flexible with the best location on Liang Mueang road Km.2. Near the motorway, Home Pro and bypass. “V Condo” the luxurious condo prepare for living style modern. Selection the quality material. Attention to detail all the area for applicable. The facilities completely for quality of life every day. For your life easily that you think.

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Bypass Road Km.2, Nai Mueang, Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima , Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand 30000
TEL : 090-525-6888
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  ถ. บายพาส กม. 2 ต.ในเมือง อ. เมือง จ. นครราชสีมา 30000
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